Envylooks by Jennifer Tirado

Influencer's from around the world and makeup artist love their makeup. This industry is filled with opportunities and chances to show off your looks, worldwide. Everyone wants to be a makeup artist now and everyone wants to get the best makeup products. So here I am, I started as an entrepreneur and I am moving my way up the scale. I am the founder and CEO of EnvyLooks by Jennifer Tirado. I chose this career because makeup is a daily routine and something that I cannot live without. My son was born with severe allergies and he constantly had eczema, on the most random occasions. I would have to be very careful with everything I fed him as a newborn and even now that he is a toddler. There would be endless nights that he couldn't fall asleep because he was constantly itching his skin. The doctors could not find the right medications or creams to help him. We tried everything for him until we finally learned how to calm down the irritation. For this reason, I wanted to use paraben free, cruelty-free and gluten free makeup. Caring about others sensitive skin, knowing this is not something we ask for, rather something we need to care for... what better way, than choosing the best quality for your makeup. Now we have EnvyLooks by Jennifer Tirado



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