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Hello, my name is Jennifer Tirado, nice to meet you :)

As many may know, I use to sell my own brand of cosmetics. They were paraben free, cruelty free and gluten free. Good for animal lovers and people with sensitive skin. As time went by I began to realize what I really wanted. I barely had time to do makeup videos or post pictures of my work. Then I realized, is it because I don't feel motivated? or is it because I don't enjoy what I do? I stopped to think for a minute... It's then, when I realized, I truly love fashion, and that's what I always enjoyed in life. I love the idea of wearing new clothes and always starting my own fashion trends. I enjoy watching others complement me, on what I wear and how I wear it. I like when people say "that's a cute outfit" Yes! like many girls I love playing dress up, and being dressed up even if it's going to the grocery store....then I say, why not start my own fashion line?

I decided to sell dresses and swimwear because along with my fashion site I support pageantry. I was selected as your (Ms. National Beauty) I sponsor with (Miss National Beauty) they are a beauty pageant for all queens.

I love the idea of being sophisticated, fun, girly and classy all at once. This is why I decided

to sell dresses and swimwear for now, however in the near future I might expands the fashion styles for more options for all. In the meantime, I enjoy having dresses for different occasions.

Thank you for reading, until next time! :D

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